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Not able to find the exact furniture designs you need? Our designer furnitures allow modification to suit your needs. You can customise your sofa by selecting the colour and materials that best complement your living design concept. The firmness of the cushion will be determined according to your preferred comfortable level. We are also able to specify the dimensions of your sofa, to ensure it is a perfect fit for your living space.

You will be able to mix and match our designer furnitures, we have fulfilled many customers’ dream home with furniture who do not need full customization of design but just a modification from current designs to create their own preference. Simply get in touch through the enquiry form below or email us at

We allow for customization of the length and depth of your dining table too. Adding on to the uniqueness of your dining table, our designer will provide you the suitable combination and idea. For customization of furniture such as sofa, bedframe, dining set etc. Please visit us at our showroom for a free recommendation by our product specialist or interior designer.
Customize Wradrobe Singapore (2)
Corner Wall-Mounted Wardrobe
Specializes in custom-made wall-mounted wardrobes.
Customize Wradrobe Singapore (3)
Customisation Full Height Wardrobe
Cut to Beam and Conseal
Site Measurement Service Provided.
Customize Wradrobe Singapore (1)
Customisation Modular Sliding
Wide Range of Modular Choice
Site Measurement Service Provided.
Designer Sofa Set Customization (1)
Customization Designer Sofa Set
Latest trend of material selection
Share with us about the sofa that you prefer !
Designer Sofa Set Customization (1)
Upgrade your living room to new look.
Hundred over desgin selection.
Comfort and firmness level customization.
Designer Sofa Set Customization (2)
Customization Length & Configuration
We help the customers measure furniture according to their floor plan and we have a designer on-site as well.

Materials Selection

There are wide selection of material to choose from. eg: patterns, legs, and styles.

Size and Configuration

Choose your preferred layout or configuration. Customize your sofa size and configuration to match your living layout and space.

Design and Color Selection

Looking for the colors and design of your new furniture to match and fits to your living or interior theme.

Comfort and Firmness level

Customize your preferred comfortable and firmness level accordingly.