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There are so many reasons why Singapore is the one of the most attractive cities to live in – but the space constraint that comes with our cosmopolitan state can be very difficult to ignore. If you’re living in a limited space like most people in Singapore are, fret not as there are multiple storage solutions that you can adopt! Besides building more storage which takes up floor space, try a storage bed instead. Out of all the different types of beds, storage beds do not take up extra space while allowing us to keep anything and everything from extra pillows to luggages and more.

What Makes a Great Bed
A great storage bed needs to look good and function well. That’s why we took the effort to find the best hydraulic pull system for our storage beds so that you can easily lift the bed without extra help and even with just one hand! Other storage bed options include having side and front drawers that you can easily access. With a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty, you can rest assured that our storage beds are made with the best materials and craftsmanship. To complete the look, pair our storage beds with one of our premium mattresses.