Faux Leather Divan Bedframe

Whilst there are so many different types of beds available to purchase these days, arguably, one of the most popular choices tends to be a divan bed frame and for lots of homeowners, this is their first choice when they’re replacing their old bed. We offer a diverse range of divan bedframe designed to allocate to various space requirements.

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Why choose a divan bedframe for your home
It is fair to say that one of the most important pieces of furniture in the bedroom is a bed. For many homeowners, not only is their bed the one piece of furniture that they use daily, but it is also the focal point of their bedroom. Experience the ease of shopping online in Singapore for your bedroom essentials, including affordable divan bed frame and comfortable orthopedic mattress.
When you choose Ecozy Furniture, you're choosing durability and sustainability. Our divan bed frames are made to last, so you can be sure that your investment will hold up over time. Our bed frames are proudly made from certified sustainable materials, ensuring that they complement your King Koil mattress perfectly for a good night's sleep.

Benefits of divan bedframe
Space-saving solution - Unlike standard bed frames, divan beds are designed to take up less space in a bedroom. Since the mattress, medium-firm, memory foam, or pocket spring, sits on top of the bed base rather than inside a frame, the bed as a whole will be smaller, even you are stick with the same bed size.
The space under the divan base can be one of the handiest hidden storage areas, and it will maximum out your bedroom’s potential. Under-bed storage is a practical way to put or storage something under the bed. E.g.: overflowing shoe piles, clothes, and bedding. Before purchasing or searching for storage containers that fit under your divan base, measure the total height of the space.
They’re available in a range of designs - Divan bed bases can be upholstered with lots of different types of fabric or leather in different colors, so you’ll never struggle to find something that complements your interior design. Not to mention, you will have many headboards design and styles available to choose from as well. Even you can customize headboard design according to your preference.
They are durable and long-lasting - Divan beds are constructed from high-quality materials, and they tend to have reinforced wooden tops, strong corner joints, and enhanced edges for added strength, so they won’t let you down.

If you want quality and customizable divan beds then you can visit our store Ecozy Furniture Gallery in Singapore or you can also place an order online after going over the different options we have available. No matter what type of divan bed frame you choose, you will not be disappointed.