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Complete your ideal dining room & spaces with our dining chair collection. Available in a variety of sizes, materials, colours and upholstery varieties to match your dining room theme concept. You are bound to find the ideal chair for your home at Ecozy Furniture Gallery. Check out our dining chair collection of wooden dining chair, fabric/leather upholstered dining chair, stackable dining chair etc...

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Find out your preferences by asking yourself these – Are you going for a Scandinavian furniture look, classy style or minimalistic design? Do you want a timeless wood retractable dining table? Would you need an extendable dining table when more guests are visiting? Do you want something out of the ordinary, like a dining bench? Do you prefer an armchair or a side chair? Being aware of your preferences makes choosing much easier.

Factors to consider when deciding between Dining Chairs, Benches, Stools & Bar Stools
1. Space: It is essential to consider the space you have to work in by measuring the area you plan to place your dining set. Compare the measurements with the dimensions of the dining seats and table you plan to get. For smaller homes, dining benches would be an ideal choice as it makes your dining area appear more spacious. Substituting only one side of the dining table with dining benches has also been a trend among many modern interior designers as well.
2. Capacity: Do you normally have guests over for a meal? Consider how many people you usually have over during meal times. If mealtimes are normally simple gatherings for close family members, dining chairs would be suitable for a cosy setting. However, if it usually gets crowded during mealtimes, dining stools or bar stools are great alternatives to increase seating capacity without taking up too much space.
3. Style: Always consider the big picture when purchasing furniture; consider which would suit your overall style and layout best. Going for the Scandinavian furniture theme? Perhaps a wooden dining chair would suit your Nordic dining table. Seeking something more modern? An armchair might be just right for you.