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Choosing the right dining table and dining chair can create a perfect setting for it all to take place. Take your pick from a myriad of designs and materials to find the dining set that suits your style best – fabric chairs with a Nordic dining table to velvet armchairs with a round extendable dining table. Discover our dining set collection, various sizes, materials and combinations to match your dining room & space.

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Mealtime might just be the most important time of the day; it is a period for loved ones to gather to share a meal and enjoy hearty conversations. Upgrading your dining room with the latest collection of furniture from Ecozy Furniture Gallery. Of course, comfort is not compromised for all. At Ecozy Furniture Gallery, we understand these concerns, and we are here to make your search for the ideal dining set an enjoyable purchase experience.
Glass Dining Set – Elegant glass dining sets not only look modern or stylish, they brighten up and bring a sense of space to your dining space & room. The tempered glass dining table is perfect for a dining table due to its long-lasting durability and elegant appearance. If the space is limited, an extendable glass dining table is your best choice. If you are looking to comfortably seat 4-6 people, we recommend a rectangular glass dining table with a size of 120cm to 140cm.
Marble Dining Set - It is important to choose the right surface for a marble dining table to create the best look and feel. It should be durable but casual enough to fit in any style. A marble table is a long-lasting investment but you should be aware that it will need some regular care.
Wooden Dining Set - If you are looking for a Scandinavian, Nordic or Contemporary design concept, our wooden dining set is one of your ideal choices. It is simply a visual treat!  Discover our wooden dining set collection wit various sizes, materials and combinations to match your dining room & space.
Extendable Dining Set - Browse our extendable dining table if you will always gather to share a meal or party with friends or family. There are a variety of combinations with a dining chair or bench as well. From a wooden rectangular extendable dining table to a round extendable dining table, Ecozy Furniture Gallery got it all!
Outdoor Dining Set - Are you looking for a tea set, swing chair or an outdoor dining set for your house? Upgrade your living room, balcony, garden or outdoor space with our quality and modern styles of furniture collection, which is perfect for your theme concept. Each time you enjoy your gathering and afternoon coffee with quality outdoor furniture, you can feel as though you have been instantly transported to Paris.