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We might not spend as long watching TV as we used to do, but we definitely cannot deny that it is a prominent fixture in our living rooms. The TV console is an ideal way to achieve the visual experience of the homestyle we desire. Our collection of TV consoles has one for every home style – Scandinavian, contemporary, industrial and more. Of course, aesthetics is not its only purpose, our functional TV cabinets serve as ideal storages as well! Use it to hide tangled wires, collectable CDs or other homeware – stylishly avoiding clutter in your living space. What’s more? Our TV consoles are made of premium materials that guarantee quality and durability. Choose wisely, for our TV stands are bound to last long.

Looking for a specific style? The Scandinavian interior trend is timeless, and especially popular in Singapore! Our Scandinavian tv consoles explore the Scandinavian design features like the clean lines and light muted colours, whilst triumphing functionality.

Choosing between a Sideboard or TV Console?
Which is a better fit for your home? They look similar with their short legs and storage compartment but the main difference lies in their height and number of storage compartments. While TV consoles are usually shorter and wider, and of course, a better fit to rest your TV. Sideboards are taller and narrower, with more storage compartments. Using a sideboard to rest your TV is not ideal as its height might not be a good match with your sofas and other furniture.

It is also good to note that in order to achieve a comfortable viewing experience, the lower half of the television screen should be within your line of vision when seated. This would prevent you from straining your neck after bingeing your favourite TV series.