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The living room is the home’s soul, and the kitchen is its heart. Shop your pick of the best choose Living Room furniture at Ecozy Furniture Gallery's online furniture stores. Explore and grab our wide range of faux leather sofa, coffee table, TV console, display cabinet, modern shoe cabinet, water-resistant fabric sofa, water repellent sofa, and other accent furniture. Update your home with our latest collection of furniture, all just a click away.

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Living Room Furniture That You Must Own
A well-furnished and tastefully decorated living room furniture can make all the difference when it comes to entertaining, unwinding, and spending quality time with loved ones. Besides looking good, this space needs to serve its purpose, be inviting, and feel comfortable.

And having customized living room furniture can help out. You may ask what furniture pieces go in a living room if you start from scratch. This all-inclusive living room basics checklist will cover the must-have furnishings. Okay, so let’s begin.

Invaluable Pieces of Furniture for the Living Room
Designer Sofa - The most fundamental piece of Furniture for each living area is a faux leather sofa. Every house, with a few notable exceptions, needs one. A standard in each living room, but that doesn’t mean this item has to be uninteresting.
There is a wide variety of upholstery options to create a statement, from tufted leather to statement velvet to classic tweed. Sofas should be comfy, practical, and long-lasting enough to withstand regular usage for at least a few years. Also, try to get something that is low maintenance in case you have kids or pets.
Loveseats - Some people consider love seats to be essential pieces of Furniture. However, they are necessary for rooms with more space. Leather, tweed, velvet, and linen are some upholstery fabrics for sofas and loveseats. While it’s nice to have everything coordinated, your couch and loveseat need not be identical.
Chairs with a Flair - After settling on a sofa, a couch and loveseat, or a sectional as your primary seating, pick out an accent chair or two to complete the look. In addition to breaking up the monotony of your more oversized Furniture, this will give you other seating options.
Contrary to the sofa and loveseat, accent chairs are not designed to coordinate. You can pick anything with a somewhat different aesthetic, upholstery material, or color scheme. A set of two chairs might have contrasting styles or the same color.
Tea Table - After deciding on a sitting configuration, purchasing a coffee table is next. Classical rectangles are always a safe bet, but this is also a chance to make a bold design statement.
Since couches and chairs tend to be more pricey, it’s wise to invest in versatile, long-lasting styles. A coffee table, however, is a great place to showcase curvy or asymmetrical designs or contemporary forms. Options with built-in shelves or drawers are also available, which is very helpful in cramped quarters.
Side Tables - Aside from the coffee table, side tables are a great way to bring more flat surfaces to a space without drawing too much attention to themselves. Side tables are helpful because they give those sitting on the ends of the couch a place to rest their drinks, magazines, and other items they need easy access to without having to walk over to the coffee table.

Where to Buy?
Indoor Furniture is a must-have for any living area. A few well-chosen accents and decorative objects may transform a bland living space into one that’s warm and inviting.We hope we got over the many items in this part of our living room checklist. Ecozy Furniture Gallery is your place to visit if you want to buy any of the above. We offer the widest selection of customized Furniture meeting your unique living room needs. Explore the best pieces of Furniture and shop at the earliest!